Dingless notifications

Use your phone with less sound notification disturbance. Go Dingless

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Built for Android 4.3+

Dingless is built to coop with a large variety of OS and can handle notifications on many Custom ROM

User Friendly

The options in Dingless are easy to follow. Using Dingless app for notifications is intuitive and straight forward

Clear Options

Eliminate notificaion disturbance with minimal software interactions. Easy toggle you notification controls

Android OS

Dingless app is a tool that will help Android users to overcome notification annoyance without missing on calls

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Dingless app Options

Two main options are available in Dingless to tweak notificaions and insure a comfortable noise free mobile experience

Option 1 - Notification Toggling

Eliminates notification sounds while using your phone; Restores notification sounds when screen is off

Option 2 - Notification Monitoring

Presets time lapses between two successive sound notifications while away from phone

All you want from an app

Dingless app ability to Toggle notification sounds will give you extreme priviledges you never thought you can ever get.

Youtube uncut

Now you can watch your favorite Youtube videos with no notification sounds annoyance

Smooth gaming

Play your favorite game without notification sound interference

Chat with music

Listen to your playlist while chatting with zero notification noise

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Awesome Settings

Dingless app provides straight forward settings to toggle notificaions and create a noise free mobile experience

Volume settings

Choose your restored notification sound from a range of volume levels

Time lapse settings

Choose the time lapse between notificaion sounds needed in option two from a range up to 90 seconds


Dingless notification logo

Dingless app is all about what feel you need and what sounds right, thus you can even control its notification logo

Dingless app permission

To toggle your notification sounds Dingless app needs your permission. Allow permission option is easy to handle